Sleeping mat - Leisure we classify into the Lite category and which ischaracterized by an optimal ratio of thermal insulation, weight andfoldability. The ideal ratio of these properties is ensured by astructure with a vertical cavities design which are evenly spaced inthe PU foam. The model is recomended for three-season use. The heighof sleeping mat is 3,8 cm. It is supplied including a repair kit and asack for packing the sleeping mat into.


  • Outer material 30D felexible polyester
  • Materiale inferiore 75D polyester

Material information & features

Material: outer material 30D flexible polyester,materiale inferiore 75D polyester

Weight: 830 g

Packed dimensions: 16 x 26 cm

Dimensions outer: 183 x 51 x 3,8 cm